5 Best Travel Glasses for Tech-Savvy Adventurers

Travel Glasses

If you are a tech-savvy adventurer then we have brought the 5 best travel glasses you won’t regret going for. Why? 

Because there aren’t any contacts without travel glasses while you travel, right?

Just a joke!! 

So, did you know technology has one exceptional category that has finally emerged victorious after years of persistent attempts is travel glasses?

Unlike conventional eyewear, trip glasses come in diverse shapes and sizes, each boasting its unique set of functionalities. While some models provide audio capabilities, others may not. 

Certain travel glasses are equipped with high-resolution cameras to capture breathtaking videos of your journeys, while others lack such a feature. Nevertheless, what unites all travel glasseses is their ability to transcend the ordinary confines of traditional frames.

Brand Choice Travel Glass Just For You 

When we came to selecting the finest travel glasseses, two paramount qualities took precedence: practicality and style. Our unwavering choice for the top spot goes to Ray-Ban’s Stories Wayfarer travel Sunglasses (add the link:, a seamless blend of elegance and cutting-edge technology. These Ray-Bans embody the classic charm of the renowned Wayfarers, yet they house an array of smart features, including a compact camera, an integrated speaker, and advanced voice control. For those with different preferences, fear not, for our list caters to every discerning trip glasses enthusiast.

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Brand Choice Travel Glass Just For You

TechKen Sunglasses Headset

This sporty pair of travel glasses, though aesthetically unique, is a worthy contender in the realm of affordable wearables. Compatible with both Apple and Samsung devices, these glasses establish a Bluetooth connection to your phone.

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They offer an all-day music and call companion with its impressive battery life. Nevertheless, this configuration reduces the chances of losing the earbuds, as they remain tethered to the sunglasses.

Why We Admire Them

A harmonious harmony between audio indulgence and outdoor escapades.

Points to Consider

Audio delivered through earbuds, not speakers.

Price at the time of publication: $16

Specifications: Polarized lenses | Absence of a camera | Microphone | Bluetooth | No water resistance | 8-hour battery life

Bose Frames /Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones

travel glasses

travel glasses

Bose, the audio experts, have masterfully crafted these smart frames to immerse your ears in music or podcasts. They are glasses without ear support and without the need for headphones. An ideal companion for travelers who wish to stay attentive to their environment while enjoying their audio indulgences. 

Although the audio quality may not rival that of headphones, the frames deliver remarkably rich sound. One peculiar feature is the volume control; by pressing a button on the frames and turning your head left or right, you can adjust the audio levels. 

Of course, adjusting the volume on your phone remains an option as well. Just keep in mind that these frames exclusively come with tinted lenses, making them unsuitable for indoor use.

While you hang around someone might even ask you are these your glasses? Feel free to elevate them. 

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Why We Admire Them

Uniquely allows listening to music or podcasts while staying aware of your surroundings.

Points to Consider

Available as sunglasses only.

Price at the Time of Publishing: $200

Specifications: Non-Polarized Lens | No Camera | Microphone | Bluetooth | No Water Resistance | 3.5-Hour Battery Life

OhO Camera Ski Goggles

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Why burden yourself with a separate camera for your skiing endeavors when you can combine it with these remarkable goggles boasting an integrated video camera? Designed to be fully waterproof, these ski goggles are the perfect companion for capturing your thrilling moments on the slopes. 

From still photography to stunning 4K videos at varying frame rates, the camera’s adaptability leaves no room for disappointment. Moreover, users have the freedom to adjust the camera angle to capture the ideal perspective. 

With a generous 32GB memory card included, expandable up to 128GB, you can capture all your adventures without worries. While these goggles lack other smart functions such as call capabilities or audio playback, the powerful camera alone is bound to impress.

Why We Admire Them

Featuring 4K video shooting capability and adjustable camera angles, these goggles are a cinephile’s dream.

Points to Consider

OhO favors iPhone compatibility over Android devices.

Price at the time of publication: $386

Specifications: Multi-color lenses with mirror effect | 24FPS, 30FPS, 60FPS, 120FPS | No microphone | WiFi | Waterproof | 70-minute battery life

Echo Frames (2nd Gen) | Smart audio sunglasses with Alexa 

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Enthusiasts of Amazon Alexa, who frequently utilize the service at home, will adore these travel glasses that grant them the perpetual company of Alexa on their adventures. The primary purpose of these backup glasses is to emancipate you from constant screen engagement, thereby freeing your hands for more meaningful endeavors. 

The glasses are equipped to read your phone notifications and messages, make calls to your loved ones, control all Alexa-connected smart devices in your household, and serenade you with music, podcasts, or the latest news. 

Unlike some competing travel glasseses, this pair offers splash resistance, eliminating concerns about water-induced malfunctions during sweat-inducing activities. Additionally, the glasses incorporate two types of lenses: tinted for outdoor use and blue-light-filtering for indoor scenarios.

Why We Admire Them

The frames of these travel glasses are equipped with tinted lenses and blue light-filtering lenses.

Points to Consider

No camera feature is included.

Price at the time of publication: $270

Specifications: Polarized lenses (prescription ready) | Absence of a camera | Microphone | Bluetooth | Splash-resistant | 2-4 hour battery life

Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart Glasses with Photo, Video & Audio 

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These fashionable and sophisticated frames epitomize all that travel glasseses should be. With a built-in camera capable of capturing photos and recording videos, along with 4GB of flash storage capable of housing approximately 500 photos or 15 60-second videos, these glasses are equipped for the most memorable moments. 

Moreover, they feature speakers to enjoy music and a microphone for seamless voice control of all functions. In addition to making hands-free calls without headphones, the glasses offer a touchpad control alternative when silence is preferred. 

Worried about power? Fear not, as they come with a portable charging case to keep them energized during your travels. Not to mention the lens options available, ranging from transition lenses to blue-light lenses, ensuring optimal visual experience. Just remember, they are not suitable for use in the rain, as they lack water resistance.

Why We Admire Them

Both regular and sunglass lenses are available in this alluring design.

Points to Consider

Not water-resistant.

Price at the Time of Publishing: $299

Specifications: Polarized Lens | 5MP Camera | Microphone | Wireless Internet | No Water Resistance | 2-Hour Battery Life

2 Ways To Choose Travel Glasses

What’s Your Purpose?

Travel slim glasses offer a variety of hands-free activities, making you think about how you want to use them. Figure out if you prefer using them for listening to music or making calls, or if you want to use them for taking photos and videos. Not all travel slim glasses can do both things. Also, think about other things you might want to do, like recording your exciting skiing adventures or going on active hikes. In such cases, look for smart glasses that are waterproof to protect them.

Choose Your Style

Besides looking good, pay attention to the lenses of your smart glasses. Many of these glasses can also be used as sunglasses, great for sunny outdoor activities but not so useful indoors. If you want more versatility, find smart glasses with clear lenses or ones that filter out blue light, so you can easily switch from outdoor to indoor settings. If you wear prescription glasses, see if you can get smart glasses with lenses that match your prescription for clear vision.


How to pack glasses for travel?

To pack glasses for travel, place your glasses inside a sturdy, hard-shell case. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wrap the case, ensuring added protection. Put the case in a padded compartment of your carry-on or a handbag. Avoid placing heavy items on top of the glasses to prevent damage.

Is it cheaper to wear travel glasses or contacts?

In general, travel glasses are often more cost-effective than contacts. Travel glasses have a longer lifespan and require fewer replacements.

How do travel sickness glasses work:

Travel sickness glasses, also known as motion sickness glasses, work on the principle of visual fixation to alleviate motion-related discomfort.

Our Last Thoughts

With the ever-advancing technology in travel glasses, tech-savvy adventurers can now embark on your journeys with enhanced functionalities and style, capturing your most memorable moments and enjoying a hands-free and immersive experience.

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