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Solo Travel Safety: 20+ Tips to keep you safe from danger

Solo Travel Safety

Solo Travel Tips to Keep You Safe From Danger

Are you planning a solo trip? If yes, you are going alone to enjoy a great experience from the world. You may fall into trouble or danger at a new place. Here you will get the ideal solo travel guide for your ultimate safety from unwanted problems and dangers while traveling solo. 

Exploring your favorite places alone can be an excellent idea for a thrilling experience. A solo trip is worth ever if you want to increase your confidence. Also, it has plenty of benefits, for example, enriching your language skills, social communication skill development, healing your stress, making more realistic decisions, and inspiring yourself. But it can be risky often when you are alone in an unknown and new region. It may be any emergency issue like a sudden illness, attacked hijacker or pickpockets, or anything that can happen. Yes, it is totally normal. By following these tips, you can assure your safety and enjoy a sip of life!

Things to do for solo travel safety

  1. Follow the vacation preplan tips. 
  2. Research well your desired place.
  3. Add some essential things to your checklist for safety.
  4. Use technology and mobile apps.
  5. 6 things to do in a vicious situation.
  6. Show courage & great outlook (attitude).
  7. Remember to stay safe at the boarding house while staying alone.

Follow the vacation preplan tips

Research your destination for safety. Know which area to avoid, know the weather forecast update, and schedule your time.

Take travel insurance. Schedule cancelation may occur, and sudden illness/ accident issues or anything can happen even if you are not alone. There is no guarantee, true! But getting insurance minors your investment loss, and you can recover quickly from unthought-of events.

Vaccination & having documents to prove may be required according to your travel agency policy. Sometimes double vaccination is needed before you go.

Share your travel plan with a trustworthy friend or family member. For example, inform your departure schedule, details of reserved hotel location, and other plans. Besides, inform the hotel lodging staff where you are leaving. 

Research well your desired place

Before planning and scheduling, know the weather condition of that spot/area, the local people’s culture, and the rules of their society. It will help you to avoid unwanted attention and mistakes because many states have strange rules to follow or avoid prohibited activities.

Add some essential things to your checklist for safety

  • A whistle. In case of an awkward situation or any danger, you will need others’ help. With a whistle, you can draw attention easily. Even if you lose yourself, whistle to call people for help.

solo travel

  • A paper map is an alternative to GPS. Although GPS is available everywhere in rural areas, it may not work. Furthermore, the battery power of your device can be down. Also, it is harder to be aware of your surroundings and on your device /mobile phone at the same time. In these circumstances, a hard copy of a map of that location is extremely important. Though finding a paper map is tuff nowadays, always try to collect this.
  • A first aid kit is another important thing to pack. As a solo traveler, you need to take a water purifier and general first aid tools. Always keep a small but useful first aid kit that can be carried easily.
  • Clothing with extra hidden pockets and underwear with a chamber inside. This idea seems weird a little bit but trusts me; it is a brilliant idea to make or purchase a dress with an extra hidden area to keep extra cash or valuable things. It will protect you from losing cash & valuable documents to pickpockets or hijackers. You can find this kind of clothes online shop or customize it.
  • A Power bank. When you are going on a long journey, it is also an essential thing to carry in your backpack.
  • A Safety Pin can be used as a secret self-defense tool. If you are a female solo traveler, you can be harassed in public transport or any crowdy place or a queue. Keep a safety pin in your pocket or handbag and use it in that situation. Also, a safety pin is very important as a first aid kit tool. You can wrap bandage or gauge easily by using this.
  • A Compass is also essential as a paper map. Unfortunately, you can not use the compass on your smartphone when it may fall into the water or be shut down. So pack this too.

Use technology and mobile apps for solo travel safety

There are many travel gadgets for travelers that are very cool to make tours more appealing. But you need to be aware of some essential apps on your smartphone that are very helpful while you are on a road trip. For example, a flashlight, weather, compass, note, Google map, Google translate, and find your phone, are too useful for a traveler. Also, you can use Google Travel to plan for your upcoming tour to find hotel information and reservations and can get ideas about things to do. You can use apps such as Airbnb and Roadtrippers to make planning and organizing great and make your trip delightful.

6 Things to do in a vicious situation When Traveling Solo

  • Always be conscious of your surroundings. While traveling solo, you are the only traveling companion of yourself. So when you are in an unknown place, observe the people around you. Use your consciousness and act normal. Observing the place, you will easily guess where you can get help or shelter. Besides, if you do research before going there, it will be easier to understand the place and get on to the situation.
  • Believe/trust your gut feelings. Gut feelings are the reflection of our subconscious mind. It has an impact on making the right move in decision-making. For example, in a potentially frightening situation, you may feel afraid but do not know the logical reason, even if it seems okay. Or sometimes you may feel unwell. Also, you could have a lousy vibe from any person or situation. So listen to your heart. If you do not like them it is better to leave them. 
  • Avoid walking on dark waysides. Hijackers and people with bad intentions can target you when you are on the way. And they will want to talk or make friends with you and will wait to get an opportunity to fulfill their plan. So avoid dark and lonely waysides to keep yourself safe while traveling alone.

Avoid walking on dark waysides when you travel a solo trip

  • Go to the nearest public place if someone follows you suspiciously. And blend yourself into a crowdy place and try to get out of his sight. On the way, if your transport face any trouble or anyone try to harm you, it is better to get down on a bus stoppage or crowdy public place anyway.
  • Do not use local transport even though it is cheap. Sometimes drivers of local transport have connections with robbery gangs and have bad intentions to harm people. They often target solo foreign travelers. So try to use public transport always.
  • Do not flash your cash. This will attract pickpockets’ and hijackers’ attention to yourself. 

Show courage & great outlook (attitude)

To ensure travel safety while you are alone, your outlook is a great role player. The basic rules of an excellent attitude are also be applied as solo travel safety tips. Here you look at them at a glance.

  • In a tourist place area, conveying an outlook as a stranger is very common. But, when you visit the other sides of the tourist region, you should go like a local, as if you know everything. Even though it is not, just act like you know where you are going and walk confidently. Besides, try to dress like the local people so that your appearance does not draw attention to you. 
  • Leave your valuable jewelry and flashy clothes at home because this will attract people, and you do not need to show yourself bold while traveling solo. Instead, ensure your safety first so that you can enjoy your solo travel time contentedly.
  • Keep your necessary staff (like wallet, camera, smartphone, passport, etc.) conscientiously. Try to keep a minimum number of important things because it is easier to carry fewer things. And do not forget to use a phone tracker while traveling.
  • Be aware of the common con games of tourist places. If someone asks for help, do not rush there instantly. Observe well and think wisely. Try to get someone else to go with you to help. Also, do not take something if someone wants to give it to you for free. Avoid wisely if anyone asks you about any valuable things collected from the ground or offers you such a thing as the owner of it.

Remember to stay safe at the boarding house while traveling solo

Solo travel safety is not only being safe on the way or transport but also being safe at the boarding house as well as the hotel. Follow all this advice to be safe when you are staying in your hotel.

stay safe at the boarding house while traveling solo

  • After your check-in, visit the surroundings of your room and observe well.
  • Try to take a room near the lobby.
  • Keep a visiting address card for your hotel.
  • Know the available transport from here.
  • Be conscious of the emergency and alternative exit.
  • Before you go out, inform them and ask them to ensure the safety of your things.

You cannot prevent danger if it is written in fate. But awareness will help you to manage the awful situation. So if you follow this solo travel safety guide, I hope you can be your own defender to keep yourself safe. If you think any solo travel safety advice or tips need to be added, let us know in the comment section.

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