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The Guide to Budget Friendly places to Travel in Italy – 2023

Budget Friendly places to Travel

Well, we have a vacation on Eid-ul-Fitr. Let’s visit any tourist or historical place. We can go to Italy.

No, it is expensive to visit Italy. But do not worry. Yes, some places are costly, but some cheap places are also there.

Suppose we select any affordable place and follow some strategy. In that case, we do not need to rob a bank to visit Italy. In this article, let’s explore cheap places to visit and ways to spend as little money as possible.

Top Budget friendly Places in Italy


Naples is one of the top budget-friendly places in Italy. It is the capital of Campania. It is well known for its history, food and artists. The accommodation is cheap in this area.

Moreover, Unesco has featured its historical centre in the world heritage list. This centre has preserved the history of European culture of old age, such as cultures from 473 bc. Its sea also attracts many tourists.


Verona is another excellent place to visit at a low cost. It is located in Veneto. This place is used in Romeo and Juliet play by William Shakespeare.

If you want a romantic feeling, it is one of the best places to travel in Italy. Some of the significant places are Juliet’s house and the Arena. The Arena is a roman theatre. Although it was built in the first century, people still use it for opera.


Sicily is another affordable tourist place. You do need to ride in a car to travel to this island. The sources of attraction are within working distance.

The excellent churches and markets for street foods are great places to impress any tourist. The Octagonal square with four baroque buildings, is free. Many tourists want to visit this building before leaving Sicily.

The Khalsa Neighbourhood is another excellent place for travellers. It contains many historical memories such as various charges and roads.

Best Places to Visit Italy with Family

Budget friendly Places

Well, you can visit Italy with others. You can go with your family. You can visit any place among Naples, Verona and Sicily at an affordable cost:


Naples is an excellent place to travel with family. They can enjoy pizza, an underground city, a science centre, a cable railway and tracking. Naples is famous for its pizza hut. If your child and family love pizza, it is one of the best places to travel. Moreover, you can participate in many competitions and win pizza.

There is an underground city in Naples. There is a historical centre. Your family can have an adventurous trip to this city and explore history. They also can have fun on the longest cable car journey and track on a mountain.


Verona is another beautiful place to spend a vacation with family. There are some enchanting places. You can enjoy the river from Ponte di Pietra. Moreover, your family also can enjoy opera in the Arena.


The list of affordable places to spend the holiday with the family is incomplete without Sicily. It contains many islands, beaches, villages, resorts and archaeological sites. Your family and children can enjoy the island safely.

Moreover, they can track the landscape and the ocean. They can also enjoy cycling and paddle boating.

Sicily is full of ancient memories. Some such significant places are the Valley of Temple, the amphitheatre of Catarina and so on.

Top Destination in Italy for Couples

Italy is the perfect place for couples. They have a romantic vibe in this country. Some lovely places for couples are Verona, Sicily and so on.

Verona is a charming place for couples. It is also full of historic sites and suitable for delicious food.

You can start your journey from Juliet’s House. It is a great place to enjoy romantic feelings and capture some appreciable pictures. William Shakespeare has written Romeo and Juliet. This place is present in his play.

Additionally, many couples want to hold the breast of Juliet. They believe that it can make their bonding everlasting.

Another prominent place is Piazza Bra. It contains restaurants, cafes, museums, Arena and many more. Every corner is beautiful. You can enjoy some delicious food as well.

Sicily is another place to check out and spend time with your partner. You can enjoy some adventure in this area. You also can enjoy amazing Greek and Roman dilapidation, the Mediterranean environment and the construction of centuries 17 and 18.

Affordable Hostel in Italy

You cannot stay outside all day long in Italy. It would be best if you had accommodation. However, that does not mean you must break the bank for shelter. Various cheap options are available there.

If you are visiting Naples, you can book a room in the following options. You can enjoy nice weather, comfortable rooms, complete privacy and much more. Some cheap hostels are:

  1. Hostel of the Sun
  2. La Controra Hostel Naples
  3. Trip Track Hostel

If you are travelling to Verona, you can book rooms in any of the following hostels:

  1. The Hostello
  2. StraVegante Hostels and Rooms
  3. Posada Hostel

If you are visiting Sicily, you can stay at any of the following hostels:

  1. The Yard Hostel
  2. Timbuktu Hostel
  3. Kite Hostel Stagnom

Low-Cost Transport System in Italy

You can save money by choosing a low -expensive transport system. The train cost the lowest during travelling. However, if the train is not worth it for you, you can also ride a car.

The train is the cheapest option. It is safe and reliable. You can even access wifi on the journey by train.

Usually, the train travels fast and stops in the middle of the city and town. So, it is an excellent choice for visiting Naples or Verona. You need to look for discounts to save money.

Car is another cost-effective option. Trains might not be available in some places, such as villages and islands. Then, cars are better than other transport systems.

You can visit Sicily and enjoy its fantastic scenery. You can ride a car at any time. So, you do not need to depend on the mercy of the train schedule.

You can travel by bus as well. However, bus companies need to publish schedules online and be more reliable. So, if you are travelling for a short time, it is not worth it.

Safety and Facilities to Consider in Budget-friendly Hostel in Italy

Hostels are safe in Italy. Additionally, it is cheap and affordable with various features. Some of them are as follows:

  • Although you may have to share rooms and a bed, a private room with complete privacy is available.
  • Complimentary breakfast and free wifi features are available. Some hostels offer laundry facilities.
  • Although you may have to share a bathroom and kitchen, hostels with private bathrooms are available.
  • Some hostels have a TV, computers, games rooms, swimming pool, bar and many more.

Hostels are safe, but you should be conscious. Otherwise, you may face trouble. Some of them are as follows:

  • Always lock your items.
  • You should choose the type of hostel depending on your intention and behaviour. Avoid going to a youth hostel if you are travelling with your partner. Suppose you love parties, select party-type hostels.
  • Get travel insurance. If any accident occurs or you miss the trip, it will save you a lot.
  • If you are female, book any women’s hostel. Do not worry. Various women’s hostels are available, and they are safe for ladies.
  • Read reviews on any trustworthy and well-known website. If the hostel is perfect, people will share positive experiences. If they face any problem, they will mention it as well. Avoid hostels with negative reviews.

Affordable Food in Italy

Well, you can only stay hungry for a short time. You should take some delicious food. Although some foods are expensive, it is possible to consume food at a low cost.

Many towns and cities host food fairs regularly. You can visit those fairs and test foods for free of cost. You can enjoy both local and delicious foods. You need to find out areas of the fair.

Naples is famous for pizza. If you are visiting this area, you can eat pizza for free. Usually, many shops and companies arrange pizza competitions. You can participate in any of them and win pizza. Even if you cannot win, you can eat for free because you cannot quit a game without eating pizza.

You can purchase food from the local market. They sell products at a low cost. On the other hand, some markets are especially for city tourists. Avoid those areas because their foods are expensive.

Some village firms offer local foods at a low price. Some firms have their own restaurant. You can visit them to enjoy tasty foods at an affordable price. They only provide food for lunch and dinner. Sometimes, they close their restaurant. So, check their availability before going there.

Moreover, you can purchase food from any super shop. Then, you can cook and eat them. It is more affordable than any other option.

You also need to think about water. Well, public taps and fountains are available in many cities. They are free and the water is pure.

On the other hand, you may have to spend some extra money to order water with food. So, instead, purchase any large bottle and fill it up from any public tap or fountain.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Italy is a beautiful country for tourists. Many places, such as Naples, Verona and Sicily, are available to travel on a tight budget. Moreover, if you travel and eat food strategically, you can save considerable money.

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