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Are African Safaris Safe

Overview of safety concerns for African safaris

Are African Safaris Safe for travelling? Yeah…The African Safaris are safe for travelling if they are not exciting, but they have dangerous elements. When you wish to go on safari travels, you may encounter many animals, some of which can be dangerous for you. You should watch out for them, like –  buffalo, elephants, lions, and hippos.  If you are near water, then the dangerous safari crocodiles.

Many people have dreamed of safe African Safari tours. And more of them have a common question – “Is it safe to go on safari in South Africa?” After studying Reviews of previous African Safari tourists, Yeah…It’s safe. Actually, How safe are African safaris?- it mainly depends on how much risk you take and whether you want to follow sound advice as well. More than half of the people have perfectly safe trips who had gone on safe African safari tours.

Risk of wildlife encounters and how to mitigate them

Are African Safaris Secure

What to do if you encounter a bear, snake, mountain lion, or moose- they may be risky. For this, Follow this wildlife safety advice/tips to prevent the risk of wildlife encounters.

Tips #1

Usually, Most animals/wildlife don’t love to face humans and try to avoid humans. Thus, you should stay peaceful if you want to encounter them or if you, unfortunately, meet them.

Tips #2

Don’t try to run and scream if you encounter wildlife – otherwise, they will be risky for you. You should walk normally.  

Tips #3

Before you go there or, tour outside, you should learn about the species of animals/wildlife that may be living in the area, to prepare to mitigate them.

Tips #4

You can determine what types of animals may be around by keeping an eye out for animal signs and droppings along the route. For more information, you may want to get a guide on tracking animal tracks.

Tips #5

You should be sighting a ranger or local agency to learn about the safest safari in Africa. To see animals from a safe distance, purchase a set of hiking binoculars.

Safety measures are taken by safari tour operators

On your dream safari tour, Safari tour Operator will be your best friend or partner by providing their best guideline. You and your tour Companions can gather more knowledge regarding wildlife with the wonders of Africa by spending time with them.

It is the business of safari tour operators to know the regions they visit – so travellers are less at risk. Tourists can take Safety measures by safari tour operators. Before going on a safari tour, you should talk with a safari tour operator or a local tour agency. We will recommend the “Tourradar” website if you want to get a tour operator for your safe tour in Africa. On this website, there are listed 330 experienced African tour operators. You can take your tour safety measure easily from “Tourradar”.

Political and social stability in safari destinations

With political stability, low crime rates, and friendly locals, many countries on the continent are far safer than you might expect. Africa is also on this list. Most African countries are stable politically as well as socially. Notable among Africa’s politically and socially stable safari destinations countries are Botswana, Namibia, Lusaka and Livingstone, Zambia and more…

However, before booking a trip for an African safari, you have to ensure that safari destinations are politically and socially stable. In our study, travellers faced threats in Central Africa due to a mix of political unrest and civil warfare. It is also known that South and East Africa have problems, making an African safari unsuitable.

There has recently been a rise in tourism in some of the most well-known tourist locations, including Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, and Tanzania; it is crucial to always be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution when travelling in these regions.

Health and medical precautions for travellers

Are African safari tours safe? -Good pre-trip planning will minimize many health and safety concerns for African travellers.  Plan your African safari carefully so that you won’t regret it later.

Malaria Safety: Most of Africa’s areas are affected by Malaria. It would be best if you talked to your local travel clinic to know if is there Malaria.

HIV/AIDS Safety: There is a high prevalence of HIV and AIDS in Africa. Make sure you are aware of this.

Vaccinations: Your African safari may require you to get vaccinations, including Yellow Fever and Hepatitis vaccines, depending on the areas you will be visiting. You should visit a travel clinic to find out whether you need to get any vaccinations.

For the safest safari tours in Africa, You should contact a local travel clinic near your travel area. As well as, Medical Travel Insurance is the responsibility of each traveller. Many regions visited are far from reliable healthcare facilities, so medical evacuation should be included in medical insurance. Below, we present the best 3 trustworthy insurance companies you can choose from them for your medical insurance.

Personal safety tips for travellers on safari

Most of your personal safety and security are determined by your common sense.

  • While you are travelling on an African safari, you should keep up with the latest local news. 
  • you should ask your hotel about any unsafe areas, as well as dress codes and behaviour. 
  • You shouldn’t carry your important valuables openly, Like your passport, money and more… 
  • Cash, credit cards, and ATMs should not be carried in large amounts.
  • Keeping your cash, passport, and other travel documents in a hidden money pouch is a smart idea. Carry it as though it is always in your sight.
  • Make sure your jewellery is left at home for a safe tour.
  • In crowded areas such as airports, markets, restaurants, and on the street, keep an eye on your personal bags.
  • When you want to go outside/walk on a night safari tour, you should go with your companions -don’t go outside alone at night.
  • Make sure you leave your passport, tickets, and cash in a secure location, such as a hotel or lodge safe, when you go out.
  • Be sure to keep valuables out of sight, such as phones, cameras, wallet pouches, and handbags. The management can keep them in the safe or lock them up in the room.

Safety for solo travellers and families with children

If you want to go on safari tours in Africa as a solo traveller, you should contact a local travel agent for your safety and proper guide -which agents are able to help you or give advice at any (24/7) time while you are on a safari tour.

It is really challenging to think about a safari tour with family, especially – if there is a kid. Although a safari tour may be beneficial for them, it is so tough to make a tour with children. Bring them along with you, and you may observe their wonder as they encounter things they have only ever read about in picture books. When planning a family safari with children, Your top priority will probably be safety. We advise selecting a country with a stable political system and enough medical facilities -Like, South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia are all countries with stable political systems and adequate medical facilities in case of an emergency.

Emergency response and evacuation plans

Trip cancellation insurance: Travel packages often include safari trips that require deposits and prepayments. In the event you need to cancel for a covered reason, it can help you recoup your prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses, such as flights, accommodations, and tours.

Medical Insurance: Medical issues are a common cause of travel insurance claims from safari trips. While you are on a safari, you could get heat stroke, and become injured by wildlife. When these kinds of problems arise, the travel medical insurance in a travel insurance policy can pay for medical expenses. For example -hospital stays, doctor appointments, and prescriptions will be covered by this Insurance.

Travel Delay and Trip Interruption Insurance: The possibility of trip interruption and travel delay are additional advantages of having a complete travel insurance plan for a safari. The costs you have paid as a result of a delay that is covered by your policy are reimbursed by travel delay insurance.

Insurance options for safari travellers

There is always a level of risk when on a safari. Below, we provide the 3 best Insurance options for the safest safari in Africa.

  1. Safety Wing: Long-term travellers often choose this option, but it is also a good option for short-term travellers.
  2. World Nomads: According to traveller reviews, the policy and coverage are simple to comprehend, and it is simple to extend coverage.
  3. Atlas Travel Insurance: This is a flexible policy that applies to inhabitants of more than 180 countries.

Reviews and recommendations from past safari travellers

We analyze the African safari traveller’s reviews -we see the amazing experience they share for those who plan to go on a tour in Africa. If you thought about south Africa for your safari tour and ask – “Are safaris in south Africa safe for me? According to past south African safari travellers, Yeah, it is safe for you, if you follow this article. If you think about Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana-  Yeah, these countries are safe as well as politically stable and recommended by experienced travellers.

The Effects of climate change on safari safety

Climate change has made it harder for both people and wild animals to survive. Changing climate Animals can be directly harmed by droughts, storms, heat waves, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and warmer oceans, as well as their habitats. Food and water shortages, habitat damage, wildlife migration, and loss of wetlands can all have adverse effects on wildlife populations.

What is the safest African country for a safari?

Are African Safaris Protect

However, Africa continues to be one of the greatest continents for environment and wildlife enthusiasts to explore. You may ask now -which place is African safari safe for tourists? As the safest safari place in Africa – Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are rewarding safari goals.


Are safaris in Botswana safe for tourists? Yeah…We can recommend Botswana as 2nd safest safari destination according to previous safari tourist recommendations. Nature, wildlife, and incredible landscapes can all be found in Botswana. Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta both are the main attractive places in Botswana for safari tourists. Clear days and cool temperatures are most suitable for visiting between May and September.


Safari originated in Kenya, and it’s still one of the best safari destinations on earth. A million wildebeest trampled Kenya’s grasslands as well as forests, glaciers, and coral reefs along the coast. If you are planning to make your safari between January and the end of March, then Kenya is most suitable – with a mild climate. 


Malawi obviously a great destination to go on a safari Like- Malawi’s nine national parks and wildlife reserves. The locals of Malawi are friendly and are referred to Malawi as the “Warm Heart of Africa” – In their native language. Lake Malawi dominates Malawi, a landlocked country known for its freshwater lake. Compared to other southern African countries, Malawi has one of the lowest travel costs. 


There are a lot of fresh and exciting things to do in Uganda if you are looking for a new experience. December to February and June to August are the best months to visit Uganda. In the season best for mountain gorilla and chimpanzee viewing. Safaris in Uganda are more affordable than in other popular destinations in East Africa.


One of the most popular safari destinations in Africa, Tanzania is safe, accessible, and populated with wildlife. Tanzania is full of hospitable and kind natives.  However, you should check up on Tanzanian culture and traditions before you travel. There are steep park entrance fees in Tanzania, so safaris in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater are quite expensive. 


Namibia is a good destination for safari tours as well as a tourist favour place, of -good numbers of leopards, the highest cheetah population, plenty of black rhinos and many endemic species, which attract tourists to Namibia. In Namibia, Adorable scenery is – Africa’s largest game park,  with its magnificent sea of rolling red dunes at Sossusvlei, and the Namib-Naukluft Park.

South Africa

Are safaris in south Africa safe? Yeah…We can recommend South Africa as one of the top 10 safest safari destinations according to previous safari tourist recommendations. There are many destinations in South Africa that attract tourists for safaris, such as Kruger National Park and its private reserves like Sabi Sands, Lion Sands, Mala Mala,  Londolozi, Thornybush, and Dulini.


Zambia is the perfect destination for those who are less interested in visiting Africa’s most famous parks but instead prefer to experience the local culture and spend more time with qualified guides. Zambia is the finest location for safari between June and November because of the dry season- the sky is cobalt blue, the days are hot, and the nights are chilly.


In Zimbabwe, you may experience -Game drives, walking safaris, and other tours in Hwange National Park, which has of Zimbabwe’s healthiest animal populations. Between July and October, when the natural waterholes in the parks dry up, and vast herds concentrate around lakes, waterfalls and rivers, is the greatest time to visit Zimbabwe.

What can you not do on an African safari?

If you have a plan for the safest safari travelling in Africa -Normally, you may have Questioned in your mind. Like- What can I not do on an African safari? For the safest safari travelling in Africa, You have to know what should you do and what you shouldn’t.


When you want to go on the safest safari in Africa, You should keep in mind that you shouldn’t stand up in the vehicle. It can catch the attention of the wildlife and may they feel disturbed. Thus, you should remain seated while at animal sightings.


You should be further away from the animals when you arrive at sighting wildlife. Never call out to the animals, as well as whistle/bang on the vehicle. Sit in the vehicle quietly and respectfully.


For safari tours, you can book a private vehicle through your travel agent otherwise, you can share your vehicle with other safari visitors.


You Shouldn’t spend a too long time sighting wildlife, there are other safari visitors waiting for sightings. Wildlife may feel disturbed and excited.

In the Last Part,

Above, we clarify a basic guideline for those who have dreamed of an African safari and seek help for the safest safari tour guideline. To make the safest and most enjoyable safari tour, you should follow and keep in mind the above information. Hope that you got your all answer to your queries regarding the safest safari tour, as well as regarding the – “are the African safari tour safe?”.

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