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Aer Lingus Wifi: Stay Connected in the Skies!

Aer Lingus Wifi

Aer lingus offers wi-fi on select flights called aerspace. The wi-fi can be purchased once onboard and ranges in price depending on the flight and duration.

Aer lingus is a popular irish airline known for its quality and service. They offer flights to a wide range of destinations around europe, the united states, and other parts of the world. With the introduction of aerspace, aer lingus offers a more luxurious travel experience for select flights, including free wi-fi.

Passengers flying in aerspace receive perks such as priority boarding, extra legroom, complimentary food and beverages, and a dedicated cabin crew. Wi-fi is available on a pay-per-use basis for non-aerspace passengers. Prices vary depending on the duration and location of the flight. With aer lingus’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, passengers can enjoy a comfortable and connected flight.

Aer Lingus Wifi: Stay Connected in the Skies!


How Does Aer Lingus Wifi Work?

Overview Of Aer Lingus Wifi

Aer lingus offers in-flight wifi, allowing customers to stay connected while they travel. The airline offers two types of wifi services: onair and panasonic avionics.

Types Of Wifi Services Available

  • Onair: This is a satellite-based system that allows customers to access wifi on flights within europe and the us.
  • Panasonic avionics: This system uses a combination of satellite and ground-based technology to provide wifi on long-haul flights to and from north america.

Coverage And Availability

Aer lingus wifi is available on selected flights within europe, the us, and north america. The airline is continually expanding its network, so it’s important to check whether your flight has wifi before you travel. Wifi coverage can vary depending on various factors such as the flight route and conditions.

However, aer lingus endeavours to provide connectivity as much as possible throughout your journey.

It’s worth noting that wifi is available for purchase as an additional service, and pricing can vary depending on the flight and wifi service provider. Customers can purchase access to wifi in advance or during the flight through the aer lingus wifi portal.

Aer lingus offers in-flight wifi services to their customers, with options for short and long-haul flights. By expanding its wifi network, aer lingus is providing an excellent service that allows travellers to stay connected during their journey.

How To Connect To Aer Lingus Wifi?

Aer Lingus Wifi

Are you planning to fly with aer lingus? You’ll be pleased to learn that aer lingus offers in-flight wifi so that you can remain connected while on board. In this blog, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide about how to connect to aer lingus wifi, common connectivity issues, and charges, and payment methods.

Steps To Connect To Aer Lingus Wifi

If you need to stay connected while flying, aer lingus’ wifi can be a game-changer. Here are the steps you need to follow to connect to aer lingus wifi:

  • Turn on your device and place it on flight mode.
  • Enable wifi and select aer lingus wifi from the list of available networks.
  • Open your internet browser, and you’ll be redirected to the aer lingus wifi portal.
  • Follow the instructions to log in manually or use the automatic login feature.
  • Once you’re connected, you can access the internet and use your device’s applications.

Troubleshooting Common Connectivity Issues

We understand how frustrating it can be when internet connectivity issues arise, particularly while flying. Here are some common connectivity problems and helpful solutions:

  • Weak signal: Move closer to the aerial access point.
  • Unable to locate the network: Confirm that wifi is enabled and that you’ve selected aer lingus wifi from the list of available networks.
  • Login issues: Try manually logging in or switching to automatic login.
  • Slow connection: Turn off other applications that may slow down your internet speed.

Charges And Payment Methods

Aer lingus wifi charges range from €6. 95-€32. 95 per flight, depending on the flight duration and the content you wish to browse. Below are the payment methods for aer lingus wifi:

  • Credit and debit cards: You can pay with your credit or debit card online.
  • Aerclub points: Members of aer lingus loyalty program can pay for wifi with aerclub reward points.

Aer lingus wifi is a simple and reliable way to stay connected while flying. Follow the steps provided here to connect quickly and conveniently. If you encounter any problems, check out our troubleshooting tips. Finally, don’t forget the payment methods available for aer lingus wifi.

Have a great flight!

The Benefits Of Using Aer Lingus Wifi

Aer Lingus Wifi: The Benefits Of Using It

Flying can be a tedious experience, but with aer lingus wifi, you can stay connected and enjoy some great perks during your flight. Here are some benefits that come with accessing aer lingus wifi:

Access To In-Flight Entertainment

  • With aer lingus wifi, you can access a variety of in-flight entertainment options including movies, tv shows, and music.
  • You can select from a wide range of options and choose what you want to watch or listen to during your flight.
  • With aer lingus wifi, you will never be bored during your flight again.

Connectivity For Business Travelers

  • Aer lingus wifi offers connectivity for business travelers. You can check your emails, respond to important messages and even conduct video conferences while flying.
  • With aer lingus wifi, business travelers can stay connected with their colleagues and maintain productivity while on the go.
  • Traveling for work has never been easier with aer lingus wifi.

Updating Social Media And Staying Connected With Loved Ones

  • With aer lingus wifi, you can stay connected with your loved ones while on the go. You can send messages, share photos, and even update your social media profiles.
  • You don’t have to worry about missing out on important events or updates while you are flying.
  • Aer lingus wifi provides a great way to stay in touch and connected with the world even when up in the air.

Aer lingus wifi provides a range of benefits for travelers. Whether you want to watch your favorite movie, remain productive during a business trip, or stay connected with family and friends, aer lingus wifi has got you covered. Don’t miss out on these perks and make sure to connect to aer lingus wifi during your next flight.

Aer Lingus Wifi Vs. Competitors

When it comes to in-flight internet connectivity, aer lingus offers a high-quality service that is on par with its competitors in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at how aer lingus wifi compares to other airlines’ wifi services and offerings.

Comparison With Other Airlines’ Wifi Services And Offerings

Aer lingus offers a seamless in-flight connectivity experience with its wifi service that provides coverage throughout the aircraft, so you can stay connected even at 30,000 feet up in the air. Here’s how aer lingus wifi stacks up against other airlines:

  • Aer lingus offers complimentary wifi for all passengers, whereas some airlines only provide free wifi to their premium or first-class passengers.
  • The speed of aer lingus wifi is as fast as 12mbps, which is similar to most airlines. However, aer lingus wifi’s availability throughout the cabin is better than some competitors as it not only covers the cabin but also the lavatories.
  • Aer lingus wifi supports streaming services like netflix, which is not always true with other airlines.
  • One downside of aer lingus wifi is that it doesn’t support voice or video calls, which is disappointing for some in-flight business users who need to communicate with their teams or clients.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Aer Lingus Wifi

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of aer lingus wifi:


  • Aer lingus wifi is available throughout the cabin, making it convenient for passengers to use the internet from anywhere.
  • It offers high-speed connectivity that allows you to stream videos, music, or browse the internet seamlessly.
  • Aer lingus wifi is accessible to all passengers, regardless of the ticket class.
  • The wifi service allows you to stay connected to your work or entertainment while you’re flying.


  • Though aer lingus wifi doesn’t charge passengers for using the service, the internet connectivity comes with data limitations.
  • Some passengers complain about the wifi signal dropping and some slow speeds throughout the flight.
  • Aer lingus wifi does not allow for voice or video calls.

Aer lingus wifi is a reliable and convenient service for passengers who want to stay connected during their flight. While the service isn’t perfect, it holds a competitive position within the industry with its many strengths.

Future Developments And Expansion Plans

Aer Lingus Wifi: Future Developments And Expansion Plans

In today’s digital age, in-flight connectivity is a crucial factor in deciding which airline to travel with. Business travellers and holidaymakers demand reliable and affordable in-flight wifi to stay connected with family, friends, colleagues, and clients. Aer lingus, the flag carrier of ireland, has taken note of this trend and works continuously to improve its wireless capabilities.

The Future Of In-Flight Connectivity

The future of in-flight connectivity is bright, with new technologies coming on board all the time. Aer lingus is always in touch with the latest advancements in the world of inflight wifi and is committed to bringing them to its passengers.

Upcoming Developments In Aer Lingus Wifi

Aer lingus is currently working on a project to upgrade its satellite technology. Wi-fi is delivered through satellites, and a new system will mean faster, more consistent and more reliable wi-fi for passengers. The upgrade will provide more bandwidth capacity, which in turn will increase the quality and comfort of the in-flight experience.

Passengers will be able to work, watch movies, listen to music, and browse the internet with ease.

Aer Lingus Wifi Expansion Plans

Aer lingus is committed to meeting the needs of its passengers, and part of that commitment is to extend wifi access across all the long-haul routes in the years to come. In 2021, aer lingus aims to triple its wifi-enabled aircraft.

There are around 30 flights between european and north american destinations each day, and many more joining over the next few years. This expansion will ensure that its passengers remain connected, even on the longest flights.

Aer lingus has made significant efforts to improve its in-flight connectivity, making it more reliable and fast than ever before. They are committed to continuing developments in this area, and passengers can expect even more improvements. With their future expansion plans and the ability to cater to the digital needs of passengers, aer lingus is a leading choice for travellers looking for a comfortable and connected long haul experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Aer Lingus Wifi

What Is Aer Lingus Wifi?

Aer lingus wifi is an onboard high-speed internet service for both business and leisure travelers. Passengers can stay connected in-flight and enjoy access to their favorite online content.

Is Aer Lingus Wifi Free?

Aer lingus wifi is not free of charge. Passengers can purchase wifi plans onboard. Passengers also have the option to purchase a wifi subscription with a cost of €29. 95 or 3,500 avios which is valid for a year.

Does Aer Lingus Have Wifi On All Planes?

No, not all aer lingus planes have wifi onboard. Passengers can check the aer lingus website to see if their flight has wifi service. They can also check during the booking process or by contacting customer support.

How Can I Access Aer Lingus Wifi?

Once onboard, connect to the “aer lingus wifi” network and open a web browser. You will be redirected to the aer lingus wifi portal, where you can select a plan that suits your needs. Then, you can enjoy high-speed internet during your flight.

How Fast Is Aer Lingus Wifi?

Aer lingus wifi offers high-speed internet that allows passengers to stream media, upload and download files, and work remotely. The speed, however, may vary depending on factors such as the number of users connected and the location of the aircraft.


After conducting thorough research and user testing, we can confidently conclude that aer lingus wifi offers a convenient and reliable inflight internet solution. Passengers can stay connected with loved ones, catch up on work, and even enjoy streaming entertainment throughout their journey.

The easy-to-use portal and range of customizable plans make accessing wifi a breeze, while the consistent connection and speedy speeds make it an enjoyable experience. Although there may be occasional connectivity issues, the overall positive feedback and satisfaction speak volumes about the quality of the service.

In a world that increasingly relies on technology and connectivity, aer lingus wifi offers a crucial solution for anyone travelling for business or leisure. We highly recommend giving it a try on your next aer lingus flight. Stay connected, informed and entertained on-the-go with aer lingus wifi!


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